Round 10

It’s 5-4 for answers on the Lederman card. But I answered my own question once, so maybe it’s 4-4. I included a litle tidbit I just heard today about the Pac-10 in the second answer.

Q: Has USC officially retired Mario Danelo’s number or will it be put back into place next year? And I was going through some old USC photos, and Carson Palmer appears to be wearing #15, was this the case and he just switched numbers before the season started?
A: Danelo’s number has not been retired that I know of. Palmer wore 15 his freshman year then switched to 3 as a sophomore.

Q: After every person who has won the Heisman at USC, there number has been retired. Will Reggie Bush’s number 5 be retired anytime soon?
A: His number is retired although an official ceremony might not be held until after an NCAA investigation is completed. By the way, I heard the Pac-10 presidents ordered the conference’s rules enforcement officials to no longer speak to the media. This is a result of the Reggie Bush investigation.
Why would the presidents do this?
Maybe because they want to keep any bad news involving a member school from getting too much publicity. I’d be more impressed if the presidents were this decisive about TV contracts, expansion or improving facilities.

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