Round 11

No TKO in this forum. Hail Caesar!

Q: With the recent announcement that the Coliseum would be renamed in the future and the impending return of our hero Mitch Mustain to the gridiron, this raises some serious questions:
1) Is it true that the real reason the Coliseum Commission and USC wanted to rename the stadium was only so they could make a grand announcement that it will be called the Mitch Mustadium?
2) Is the significant price increase for 2008 football season tickets due to the opportunity that USC feels it is granting the masses to see our hero Mitch Mustain in person?
3) Is it any coincidence that Muscle Milk is the official protein supplement sponsor of USC athletics, thus keeping the entire MM theme going and making it a cross-promotional strategy in honor of our hero Mitch Mustain?
4) Will “Mitch and Me” uncover the negotiations that took place behind closed doors before everyone knew that the future of the Coliseum rested on the one factor that brings us all together — the people of Los Angeles could not be deprived of seeing our hero Mitch Mustain in person?

ANSWERS: 1. Yes, 2. No, USC will raise prices on anything it can. 3. Good point. 4. Yes, it will.

Q: Why did Chauncey choose not to participate in drills at the combine? Do you think he will get drafted?

A: I didn’t watch the combine, but it’s not unusual for players to do only portions of the workouts and then do the rest during USC’s pro day.

Q: What’s the chance usc plays in Anaheim for the ncaa tournament?

A: I’d say it’s unliekly because UCLA or Stanford will probably be there.

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