Spotlight question . . . Round 1

Or maybe I just want to knock out one early before the rush. Here’s one on the wide receivers.

Q: When I think of great reciever plays last year.. Well I can’t really think of any great plays by a USC reciever last year by V.Hazelton comes to mind so he probably had a couple good ones. What do you think? Which reciever performed the best last year and who do see standing out next year? (I’m not counting Fred Davis in the equation. He put the WRs to shame last year.)

A: I don’t think any WR had a year worth remembering and none of them would say they did if they were honest. I think David Ausberry could gripe a little about his playing time because the coaches seemed to give up on him midway through the season (I’ve heard complaints about his routes), but he was fairly consistent in my opinion.
That said, I think this is the chance for Hazelton to show what he really is all about. He is going to be healthy for once and he’s had two years in the system. So he should have a breakout season, or else it’s time to break out the “bust” label.

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