Thanks, Nike

LSU athletic director Skip Bertman told the Baton Rouge Advocate he would enlist Nike employee Martin Newton to assist with the Tigers’ basketball coaching search.
“Martin Newton from Nike is also very helpful, Bertman told the Advocate. “Were a Nike school. Martin knows basketball very well. He said he would help any Nike school. Were assuming well get some help from Martin.
Hmmm. Do you think Newton would call a coach from another Nike school?

Add Hansen

Pac-10 commissioner Tom Hansen said most football conferences are also concerned a four-team playoff would quickly grow larger.
“Any playoff is sports has grown exponentially and rapidly and we are opening a wedge to a full-blown playoff and we oppose that.”

Practice no-shows

Neither USC coach Tim Floyd nor guard Daniel Hackett attended practice this afternoon because of flu-like symptoms. They both are making the trip to Arizona, however, and a decision on Hackett’s availability will be made tomorrow.

Hansen on playoff

Pac-10 commissioner Tom Hansen said today that the Big Ten and Pac-10 are not the only conferences questioning the idea of a “plus-one playoff” for the BCS title. He added that if a four-team playoff were instituted this year, USC and Georgia would be omitted.
“We believe there are lot of problems with a plus-one that are glossed over,” Hansen said. “A four-team, two-game playoff this year would not include USC and Georgia.”

Does he do Bar Mitzvah’s?

Here’s former USC quarterback Sean Salisbury’s statement after getting released by ESPN.
“I have created a brand and its time to expand into other opportunities in TV, radio, Internet, publishing, movies and public speaking, among others.”
How come he didn’t mention Nutrisystem?