Answer Monday!

Every question will be answered today. So away we go.

Q: When do you sleep? you are always posting at 3 and 4 am…what gives scott? do you just party all night with matt leinart?

A: You’ve discovered my secret. I’ve secretly been out on the town with Leinart all this time but to cover it up, we pretended to be at odds. It almost worked.

Q: Who do you predict will be starting at the other CB position opposite C. Harris and who is the all important LT going to be???

A: I don’t predict Cary Harris will necessarily start yet because I think Harris, Shareece Wright and Josh Pinkard will compete to be starters. If Pinkard is healthy, he will start somewhere.

Q: Could you confirm or elaborate on the rumors going around that Mark Sanchez received extra benefits from USC during the period that the university had suspended him following his arrest for sexual assault?

A: What extra benefit are you referring to? He was suspended from the program at the time, so I’d like to know exactly what you’re referring to.

Q: What predict for the big OSU/USC game next fall? And will I get tickets under $400?

A: I can’t predict that one right now. It’s too early. Just show up at the Coliseum before the game, no one will be able to get $400 at kickoff.

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