Answer, Round 2

You know the drill.

Q: What question did you ask Pete Carroll from the ones that we asked?

A: It’s listed in the “Ask Caesar” entry on Saturday.

Q: So if Mustain is considered to be the Barack Obama of this quarterback race, with people seeing him as the new and refreshing choice who represents their hopes and a bright future, and Sanchez is the Hillary Clinton, who is a tired retread who has not accomplished anything and carries a lot of baggage, does that make Corp the Dennis Kucinich of this campaign?

A: I think you’re on to something here with the Corp-Kucinich analogy. But the problem is, Sanchez currently has more delegates and superdelegates (the coaches), so Mustain might need to start a floor fight at training camp.

Q: I just finished this book, Saturday Rules, by a real journalist named Austin Murphy. According to his bio, Mr. Murphy has covered college football for an up-and-coming magazine called Sports Illustrated. Granted, it’s no Daily News, but what is? Anyway, in this book, which covers the 2006 college football season from beginning to end, he refers to Pete Carroll as the “Emperor”. Shortly after the book was published, I noticed you started referring to Carroll as “Caesar”. Hmmmm. Is there some unspoken rule amongst journalists that allows you to rip off his material like you have been? Second question, when does YOUR book come out? I almost typed that question without laughing.

A: I know Austin Murphy very well but I have not read his book. I guess great minds think alike. For those of you who read the book, it was supposed to focus solely on USC and Notre Dame, but when UCLA upset USC at the Rose Bowl, it forced him to expand his premise.
By the way, “Lendale.” my book is currently right at the entrance to the Trojan Bookstore, in a prominent display with other USC books. But I guess you’re not much of a Trojan if you don’t even know what’s being sold at the bookstore, “Lendale.”

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