Round 4

We’re back in the swing of things here.

Q: What are your thoughts on John David Booty scoring 14 on the Wonderlic Test? If a score of 20 is considered the equivalent of 100 on an IQ test, which is defined as “average intelligence,” 14 translates to about 75 on an IQ test, so doesn’t that mean Booty is, quite literally, legally retarded?

A: I didn’t think he was legally retarded when I interviewed him. Didn’t Vince Young score lower? But Booty’s strong suit was not academics, so I’m not surprised. It just depends how much a team places emphasis on that test. Some do. Some don’t. About two years ago, the Rams had the highest Wonderlic scores of any team in the NFL, and it didn’t make much difference on the field.

Q: What is your realtionship like with SID Tim Tessalone? What are his good and bad qualities?
What about Paul Goldberg or Dave Tuttle? Anything interesting about these guys and working with them?

A: If you happened to be at one of my recent class appearances, you would know that consider PR people to be my natural enemy. So that makes for an interesting relationship with the natural conflict between the two jobs. That said, we all know we have jobs to do and that we’ll cross swords occassionally. I have worked with Tim since 1984, which is scary to think about. Probably for both of us! Besides, Paul Goldberg used to work at the Daily News, so maybe he’s not a full-fledged PR person.

Q: Which LB do you think will “possibly” step up and make a statement during the spring. Could we finally see “LUTHUR” meet everyone’s expectations?

A: Luthur Brown is generating a lot of buzz in spring practice and I think he could fill a role like Thomas Williams, filling in at different spots. I think Kaluka Maiava is ready to break out but he’s still out following wrist surgery, so it might wait until the fall.

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