Round 6

The Answerfest continues.

Q: USC should win the Pac-10 again which would put the Trojans back in the Rose Bowl for a fourth straight year, unless they go to the BCS NC game at the Orange Bowl. And on paper at this moment, the 2009 team could be a lock for the BCS NC game at the Rose Bowl – five straight years. I heard that some of the players were grumbling about the last RB and it not being as fun as traveling to another city for a big time bowl. Do you think coach Carroll is getting concerned that the team will lose its enthusiasm for the RB – just another home game. Could getting stuck in a RB rut and visible lack of player excitement during bowl week start to hurt recruitment?

A: He already got concerned last year and switched practices to Home Depot Center and let the team stay in Santa Monica for a few nights to change the routine. Of course, playing a lousy team like Illinois was the secret benefit of the Rose Bowl. It won’t hurt recruiting because the recruits won’t get bored at playing in the Rose Bowl every year until they have done it.

Q: In your post captioned DEALBREAKER,you said PC wanted eight million to take the Redskins job–that seems to strongly imply that if they would have offerred him that, he would have taken the job, with-or without-the complete control that he always says he wants.
So, my question is–Is that the real actual case to the best of your knowledge?

A: I was told by someone who was privy to the situation that Carroll want $8 million. Now maybe he purposely priced himself out of the job with his outlandish figure. Or maybe he put a figure out that he knew he could never turn down — with or without total control — just to see if the Redskins would match it.