McKnight grows

Joe McKnight got quite a bit of work at wide receiver today. It’s a sign that USC can finally use him in as many spots as originally envisioned when he enrolled.
“This is the farthest we’ve taken a running back running plays like a wide receiver,” USC coach Pete Carroll said.

Early impressions

Just a few practices into spring drills, but here’s some quick observations:
Eyecatchers: Allen Braford, Damian Williams.
Surprises: Alex Parsons, Nick Howell, Luthur Brown.
Concerns: Defensive line, offensive line.

Cushing update

Linebacker Brian Cushing said he still wants to try and participate in spring practice even though he is recovering from ankle surgery. His ankle bothered him all last season but he played through the pain caused from a build up of scar tissue.
“ dont want to be out, Cushing said. “But I cant come back until Im 100 percent. Ive got to be healthy. Its my last year.”

Week’s winner

After three practices, tailback Allen Bradford was the best performer at tailback with several long runs. Bradford said he’s ready to be a serious part of the rotation and does not want to consider a move to defense, which many people still wonder about.
“Not right now. I spent two years learning the offense, he said.

Ask Caesar, Part II

It wasn’t exactly asked by the readers, but it’s often asked in the Open Forum, so I also discussed the idea of David Ausberry ever moving to tight end with Pete Carroll.
“We’ve never thought of doing that because he’s really suited for wide receiver,” Carroll said. “We wouldn’t move him.”