Answer Monday!

It’s that time of the week, brought to you by Caesar’s favorite TV show, the properly canceled “John from Cincinnati.” Apparently, he liked it better than HBO’s original idea, “Jim from Stanford.”

Q: I went to the first four spring training sessions and want to know if you agree with my assessment of the QBs to date:
Corp is playing better than the fall but is nowhere near ready for the job. In fact, he has shown the biggest improvement out of the three.
Mustain is playing far below his performance from the fall (at least, thus far) and has not found his comfort zone.
Sanchez is playing fairly poorly, but no less poor than he usually plays, and still has the same issues he has long been criticized for.

A: Corp is behind the other two. Mustain is still learning but has flashes where he shows how good he could become while Sanchez is trying to avoid making mistakes and keep his composure..

Q: I read a story today by the Sporting News where it said that during the Oregon game last season, the fans at Autzen Stadium were taunting Mark Sanchez by calling him “Rapist, molester, felon.” Do you think that had anything to do with why he was so rattled and nervous? Do you think these taunts by opposing fans are to be expected against Sanchez whenever he is to play at away venues, especially known hostile environments?
A: I havent read the Sporting News but Im sure the fans at Autzen Stadium said all kinds of things. Mark Sanchez knew wherever he plays he would hear comments and says it movtivates him.

Q: Is Sark staying the course with last seasons play book, or with the addition of Damian Williams and a more experienced RoJo and Joe McKnight enabling him to open up the play book a little more? Fight On!
A: The plays are more or less the same, but two of the players you mentioned are a year older while Williams is a dependable possession receiver. So that allows everything to be run better and maybe call more daring plays. We hope.

Q; Is McKnight really moving to wide receiver?
A: No, but from the beginning it was envisioned he would move all over the field. Remember, when he signed USC coaches thought he could be their best wide receiver if he played that position.

Q: What are your views on Matt Leinart’s latest media indiscretions of doing beer bongs with underage girls and aiding to the delinquency of minors? Do you think he will still be in the NFL by two years time or does this just validate the issues the front office staff have always felt he had? Could this be the beginning of the end for Leinart?
Q: Do you have a comment on the “Matt Leinart drinking with underage girls” situation?

A: For those close to the program the emergence of the pictures is, “Whats new? Other than his lackeys in the athletic dept. (and they know who they are), everyone else is just shaking their head (again) and reminded of his USC days. The question is what do the Cardinals think? This is a vital year for him to prove himself to the organization. And he does not like adversity. So if he struggles, it could get ugly.