Turn out the lights . . .

For two weeks I resisted the constant temptation to say the quarterback competition was a charade although anyone who reads this blog probably figured out what direction the “derby” was taking. But it seems foolish to act like anything is up for grabs right now as Mark Sanchez clearly is the No. 1 quarterback.
Here’s some facts for those following this race:
Sanchez got six series with the first team during Sunday’s scrimmage. Mitch Mustain got two.
Sanchez practiced exclusively with the first team Tuesday. Mustain split time with Aaron Corp with the second team.
Offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian said he did not anticipate giving Mustain more time with the first team during USC’s next scrimmage on Saturday.
We will wait for the official word from Pete Carroll, of course. When (not who) he announces the starter is the only mystery left right now.