Answer Monday!

Here we go.

Q: After Galippo’s solid performance in the Trojan Huddle and success thus far post-surgery, do you think Carroll will sub him in and out with Rey or any other LB throughout the season? Maybe start a game or two?

A: Galippo will probably play a few series a game in order to give Maualuga a break and groom him for next year. But start? Only if Maualuga gets injured. Otherwise it might make players think twice about returning for their senior year.

Q: UGLA has developed an obsession over winning the Gauntlet while USC doesnt give a rats behind. Do you think this is behind the unfriendly bRuinous behavior towards the TMB? What does USC gain by participating in this cheesy little competition no one cares about?

A: Generally, it is true that UCLA fans are more obsessed with USC than vice versa.
But around USC, even coaches follow the Gauntlet, perhaps because they don’t want to be the goat (are you listening, tennis coaches?).
I too find the Gauntlet a “chessy little competition” but USC does it for a simple reason: Money. It gets paid to do it, otherwise a car manufacturer would not place its name on it. I’ve said many times USC does not do anything without making a buck.

Q: Now that Spring Practice is completed, who do you project to be the starters on offense and defense for the Virginia game? As always, thanks for the forum.

A: I generally agree with the depth chart announced at the end of spring, but I think Butch Lewis will start at tackle and Stafon Johnson at tailback. And I won’t be surprised if Josh Pinkard starts at corner if he is healthy. Blake Ayles could also step in at tight end, in an H-back type role, not as a blocker.