Draft analysis

Winners: Sedrick Ellis, Keith Rivers, Sam Baker, Lawrence Jackson, Fred Davis, Chilo Rachal, Terrell Thomas.
Neutral: Thomas Williams.
Losers: Chauncey Washington, John David Booty, Drew Radovich.
Free agents: Alex Morrow, Dale Thompson, Hershel Dennis, Matt Spanos.
Winner, Part II: Pete Carroll. USC’s shaky NFL reputation received a valuable boost.
Loser, Part II: Caesar. Seven of the nation’s top 63 players? How many did Stanford have again? Anyone? Anyone?
Winner Part III: Booty is in a great situation going to Minnesota even if he didn’t get drafted as high as projected.
Winner Part IV: Chad Kreuter. If you lose by 21 runs, draft day is a good time for it.
Gag of the day: Did Keith Rivers really need one of Matt Leinart’s lackeys hanging out with him in Florida?