Round 2

Jerseys and shoes seem to fascinate the questioners. As always, this segment is brought to you by Roman Meal bread.

Q: Scott, with Corp and Mustain no longer redshirting, who will be the scout team QBs next year? The better the scout team QB, the better prepared our defense.

A: Corp will be on the scout team because there are not enough reps for three QBs with the main offense. Not ideal, but that’s how it works. That’s why USC needs Matt Barkley, so it can stick him on the scout team to free up reps for everyone else.

Q: Does Caesar have any input in the jerseys USC sells each year? How did the players like Taylor Mays, CJ Gable and Brian Cushing felt about not having their jersery numbers put on sale? Thanks

A: Pete Carroll has time to blog, body surf and interview with NFL teams, but he doesn’t really involve himself with the jerseys. Besides, Brian Cushing had his jersey sold the past two years, or was John David Booty? It’s the bookstore pinheads who usually become involved in this.

Q: At this point in time, who do you rate as the more exciting prospect for the Trojans….Cole Leinart or Nico Sanchez?

A: Cole Leinart, of course, as long as his father is not at practice.

Q: Black football cleats,a USC tradition,yet we see more and more white on game cleats.Will Pete stop this break with tradition,or will we next slip-slide into names on game jerseys?

A: This is another headache courtesy of Nike, but USC could always put black polish on the cleats, so I will discuss this further with Caesar.