Round 3

A reader gets a little heated asking their question. We love it.

Q: How much more paper does Coach Ruel think he’s going to need for the fall?

A: Well, let’s put it this way. He’s going to get a paper route for the summer.

Q: Why do you and Petros Papadakis keep insisting that the public should be informed about Matt Leinart’s off the field behavior, especially his sexual activities, yet the two of you give a free pass to similar behavior exhibited by Mark Sanchez. Now don’t pretend to be ignorant about this situation and say, “Well, gee, what activities are you talking about? Do you have examples?” I know you know about Sanchez. His off the field behavior is very well known among the football players, other student-athletes and many students on campus. So aren’t you and Petros being hypocrites when you discuss Leinart’s activities and say the public should not believe the act he puts on for them and the media, yet you do not say anything about Sanchez? Either you expose both Leinart and Sanchez or should not say anything about either of them. You cannot pick and choose whose sexual activities you wish to expose. Say what you will about Leinart’s off the field behavior, but unlike Sanchez, at least Leinart has never been arrested for sexual assault.

A: I think you’re missing an important distinction here. I don’t think Petros Papadakis or I ever begrudged Matt Leinart for liking or dating a lot of girls. It was his insistence that he was not obsessed with Hollywood while at the same time going out with Paris Hilton or Britney Spears and whatever other actress he could find. He also had a girlfriend at the time, but that’s another story. NFL teams considered this a legitimate issue. And Petros and I didn’t “expose” the beer bong photos with the girls at his house a few weeks ago. He also apologized to his coach for that, so I don’t think you can pin this on Petros and I. The issue was always hypocrisy, not going out with girls.