Round 4

The bad, the boring and Mitch Mustain. A wide array of topics.

Q: When he was on 1540, Pete Arbogast said he would sell his soul to the devil for a basketball championship. Considering that Mayo and others are leaving after a first-round exit, how much is Arbogast’s soul worth nowadays?

A: I’m not sure but I think it was sold on ebay last year with some USC game programs.

Q: What do you think about Gary Klein of the LA Times so conveniently starting his own weekly Q&A forum on USC sports? Is imitation truly the greatest form of flattery?

A: All my great ideas get stolen. But I know the nickname Caesar will always be mine, because sports information director Tim Tessalone says it is a terrible moniker. And Tim is always right.
Besides, from what I hear, the bland answers in those Q&A’s is nearly as bad as the performance at the San Gabriel Valley Trojan club, where’s the bureaucrats who run it disliked that I was so honest during my visits.

Q: What was the benefit of having Mustain run the scout team last season if it prevented him from learning the SC offense? I know he was not eligible to play, so that is not what I am asking. It would make more sense for the future of the program if he had been in a position to learn the SC offense rather than having about 10 practices to somehow master it or prove himself.

A: Excellent point, but this is just the way coaches do things. They would say they needed to keep the defense well-tested by having Mustain on the scout team, or that Aaron Corp needed regular reps in the event Mark Sanchez and John David Booty got hurt. I don’t disagree, but that seems to me more reason to wait until fall to name a starter.

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