Round 5

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Q: SW, what was the one “striking” thing that you picked up on, during the the entire spring practice? Also, do you think that PC had any of the incoming freshmen in mind, as he watched the spring unfold? As always, Fight On!

A: Some players, like Ronald Johnson and David Ausberry, made nice improvement from the fall. But it also seemed like the team is still waiting for an identity. Last year, the defense was the identity with everyone coming back. This year, it might be the defense. But it might not. It remains to be seen what the striking aspect will be.
In an ideal world, Joe McKnight becomes an every game breakaway threat. That would give the identity it needs to compete for the national title.

Q: Have you picked up on the trend of the Leinart family picking on and bullying members of the helpless Sanchez family? First, Matt Leinart gets a group of upperclassmen to hold Mark Sanchez down and shave his head; now, Leinart’s son beats up Sanchez’s nephew! This is no coincidence, is it?

A: You might be on to something here. But Cole Cameron would never shave anyone’s head, so maybe it’s a mere coincidence. I can’t wait for training camp to see if Cole and Nico try bull in the ring to see who really is king around Howard Jones Field.

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