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Answer Tuesday continues.

Q: What will happen to the players who did not get drafted, like Desmond Reed? Do they go on to play in AFL, CFL, or possibly approach Vince McMahon to start the XFL up again?

A: Players can sign as free agents with an NFL team or try out for the CFL or Arena Football.

Q: Now that there is no recruiting in May, what are Pete’s next best options to recruit top players in person?

A: He’s really mad that he cannot go out on the road. So he’s going to have to try and get as many recurits as possible to either visit USC unofficially or come to the camps. Like I said before, this is called the Saban rule because SEC coaches were unhappy with Nick Saban’s recruiting methods.

Q: Do you think New England drafting a quarterback will affect my prediction that Matt Cassel will have a longer career than Matt Leinart?

A: Tough question. Who knows how long Matt Leinart’s career will last? So I guess I’ll have to say the Patriots’ decision will not affect your prediction at this time.

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