Round 6

We’re back answering questions while the new servers try to get their act together.

Q: A few years ago I remember Carroll being asked why SC never uses the shotgun. Carroll stated that taking the snap from under center would get the ball in the QBs hands faster. He said that when you use the shotgun, the ball does not immediately hit the QBs hands and while it is in the air, there is a greater chance something could go wrong. Now, it seems that Carroll is experimenting with the shotgun for the 2nd straight year. Whether we see it in a game or not remains to be seen, but why the sudden change of heart??? I remember Pete being adamant about not using the shotgun 2 years ago.

A: The shotgun is for two reasons. Last year, Booty had problems with tipped passes, so it was supposed to help him but it really wasn’t used much because the coaches never got comfortable with the centers doing it.
Now it’s being used far more, at least in spring, because it reflects concerns about the offensive line and gives Mark Sanchez more time to throw.

Q: Do you know why Devon Kennard did NOT participate in the Nike Camp this past weekend even though he attended? What do you think of him attending UCLA’s junior day? Has he updated his recruiting process? Do you think it is still between USC and ASU?

A: He’s been at USC enough times and visited UCLA’s junior day. I think UCLA is in the mix with him and that USC will be in it until the end.

Q: Why is John David Booty so underrated and criticized? He is tough and doesn’t complain, if he had Reggie Bush and Lendale White, he too would have a championship.

A: We addressed this last week but it’s true Booty would very likely would have won a title in 2006 with Bush or White. Leinart benefitted from a staggering supporting cast.

Q: You have mentioned before that Joe McKnight ‘might’ transfer if he didn’t receive enough playing time. My question to you is, if this truly is the case, then why don’t the other running backs complain or say anything about that fact that the coaches spoon feed Joe his carries? Is it because the coaches have a legitimate concern about the lack of a game changing multi-threat RB, a la Reggie Bush, on the roster or is it because of favoritism among the coaches. Seeing how there is a fierce competition going on at the position, it just seems odd that there aren’t more grumblings about this amongst the players – (apart from you) at least enough to be picked up by the media.

A: Complaining to coaches rarely results in changes regarding playing time. And the other backs know that McKnight was considered the no. 1 back in the nation while he was in high school. So he has a certain status. Everson Griffen enjoyed it as well. These are marquee players and by not redshirting as freshman, it allows them to have some influence because they could leave easier than a player who already redshirted. It doesn’t mean they are holding the coaches hostage or complaining, it just mean they enjoy some status within the program.

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