Answer Caesar

This was a question posed right after the scrimmage that I thought provided an interesting answer from Pete Carroll.

Q: Since Mitch Mustain is consistently referred to as the biggest “playmaker” of the three quarterbacks, then how come the plays that were drawn up for him at the scrimmage were so simple? Was it so it would allow Sanchez to shine in front of an crowd without any pressure? Having seen the first two scrimmages in the spring, would you not agree that Mustain was allowed to do more in those first two scrimmages than the final one? Many in the crowd were voicing their displeasure over the chains that appeared to be put on Mustain, so I know it was not just me. What’s the reason behind all this?

A: “We didn’t do anything different with the playcalling. There might have been some situational things we did but we didn’t change anyone’s plays. There’s always people who want the other guys.
“There’s always people who want the other guy to start,” Carroll said. “They want Mitch to start now. Two years ago, they wanted Mark to start over John David (Booty).”

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