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It’s our first Answer Monday in weeks with fully functioning servers (we think).

Q: What did USC and the baseball program do to commemorate/celebrate Mark McGwire’s record-breaking home run record chase after that historic season?
Before McGwire’s ill-fated testimony before Congress, what was his relationship like with the USC’s fromer baseball players and the current teams?
(He’s pretty much in self-imposed exile now cloistered away inside Shady Canyon.)
What is McGwire’s status with USC now as far as being welcome back, etc.? I assume OJ Simpson is a 0, Reggie Bush maybe a 5, and Will Ferrell a 10 on a 1-10 scale. (0 being STAY AWAY and 10 being WE’ll SEND A LIMO.)

A: From my experience, it was virtually impossible to ever get Mark McGwire to come to USC for anything when he was a player and there used to be jokes among some people about how little he seemed to care, especially at the height of his popularity. He was inducted in the Hall of Fame but the dinner was in May, 1999, when he was playing and unable to attend. But I’m referring to other opportunities. The entrance to Dedeaux Field is named McGwire Way so I’m assuming he donated some money before the expansion of the stadium. But he’s never been particularly close to the athletic dept.
On your scale, I’d rank him about a 7, but Reggie Bush is probably more like a 2. And Will Ferrell might be a 12 considering the way he gets USC to flack his movies.

Q: Will Mitch Mustain ever start at USC? Mark Sanchez will be at USC for two years, possibly. The Sanchez Period will end in Spring 2010 there will be a new quarterback Competition. Aaron Corp has four years of eligibility left and will be a redshirt junior in 2010. Matt Barkley will be a redshirt freshmen if he redshirts in 2010, the year where the next QB competition will happen. Mitch Mustain will have one year left if he chooses to stay here in 2010 and not transfer. What is the possibility.

A: The possibilities are endless at quarterback but Mustain has three years left and he might start next year, so I would not get too far ahead in figuring things out. Mustain said he will not transfer even if he does not start next season. But as I’ve said, I won’t be surprised if two quarterbacks play next year.

Q: Is there any chance Davon Jefferson is going to finish his classes?

A: He was attending classes regularly up to the point he filed for the NBA draft. So he only needs to pass his finals to leave as a student in good standing. So many people have been on his case to finish classes that he seemed likely to do it. But I never put money on anyone in these matters.

Q: What role do you see T.J. Bryant playing as a true freshman? Can he come in and be a nickel CB?

A: He is going to be behind Cary Harris, Shareece Wright, Josh Pinkard and Kevin Thomas, who are all highly experienced. But given the history of injuries at that position he will likely be used as a nickelback at some point in the season. It’s also in USC’s interest to play him because it needs to groom someone with so many upperclassmen at the position.

Q: Troy “Winless vs. USC” Aikman just made the College Football Hall of Fame. Rodney Peete was a Heisman runner up and made two Rose Bowl Games and is not. What’s up with that?

A: These selections are often based on popularity, so that’s what happened. But USC seems to get someone into the Hall of Fame almost every year (Richard Wood made it last year), so I don’t think there can be any complaints.

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