Answer Monday, Part 3

So far, so good on the server front.

Q: Numerous media outlets, as well as the NFL Network, have reported that Drew Radovich was not drafted by an NFL team due to “character concerns” and “off the field issues.” Are you able to elaborate on what these issues may have been?

A: I have heard about off the field issues for a USC player but not involving Drew Radovich. He was not someone who got into trouble at USC so I’m not sure what the NFL Network was referring to.

Q: Any signs at all that Reggie Bush will settle with L. Lake?

A: Not yet but June could change things with depostions scheduled to actually take place. Bush has been adamant about not settling, so far.

Q: When are you going to stick a fork in this blog software/server?

A: If I were in charge, a long time ago. The past few days have been better since we officially switched but the readers need to let me know if they have problems.

Q: Which is more likely to occur next season, and why?

1) USC wins Pac-10 and National Championship in football.

2) UCLA goes on probation because of Rick Neuheisel.

3) Scott Wolf gets promoted to soccer beat.

A: What a dilemma answering this one. I’ve said I don’t think USC will win a national title without Norm Chow, I don’t think Neuheisel is dumb enough to put UCLA on probation, so maybe the soccer beat is the most likely! Much to the chagrin of the Internet geeks!

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