Answer Monday, Part 4

A USC official told me he never reads the Q & A. Now I know why it’s so popular with the readers.

Q: What is your opinion of the USC song girls?

A: I’ve previously said that this is not the strongest group, a fact driven home even more pointedly at the Pac-10 Tournament when compared to UCLA. I’ve also said many of the people involved with the selection process seem to be 1970’s relics, which probably explains a lot.

Q: What happen to Jamere Holland. I know he transfered to Oregon and was dismissed was from the team, are rumors true that his former Football Coach at Woodland Hills Taft, who now works at Florida tried making him and other Trojans transfer to Florida sich as Moody?

A: Holland is on the Oregon football team. When he wanted to transfer, USC refused to release him to Florida because his high school coach, Troy Starr, was the director of football operations for the Gators. Holland wanted to stay close to home anyways so it was a moot point. Starr resigned after the season and is now a high school coach in San Diego.

Q: Yahoo Sports reported that Friday the San Diego County Superior Court judge in the Lake vs Bush lawsuit ordered that the trial begin March 13, 2009. Lake’s lawyer said that Pete Carroll and assistant coach Todd McNair would be among those subpoenaed as witnesses. If you lie to a NCAA or Pac-10 investigator you risk losing your job, but lie under oath in a court of law and you risk going to jail. So if PC and TN testify in a public court of law that they did not know of the Bush family activities and Reggie testifies to this too, do you think this will help USC with the NCAA investigation? In other words, doesn’t a trial do more to potentially help USC than a confidential settlement by Bush and Lake.

A: A trial does not help more than a confidential settlement because everything would settled and quietly go away. I’m sure the answers would be well rehearsed in a trial but we don’t know what facts will come up in a hearing that otherwise might never be revealed publically. From USC’s standpoint, I don’t know that it would want a lot of the unseemly aspects of this case aired for public consumption. And sometimes things come out that no one knew about before in a trial. I only see a downside for Reggie Bush by not settling. The effect on USC is less known.

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