Ten Hut

Here’s a spotlight question on an important subject, the band.
Q: Is it just me or do you seem to have some dislike towards the USC TMB?

A: I do not have a dislike of the band. I consider them a vital part of USC’s tradition and the amount of copy I’ve written regarding their exclusion from UCLA is more than other writer. I also was the first to write about the band’s move to the end zone.
But I do have some issues. There is a pomposity at the top that I think limits the band’s appeal. There’s just a lot of ego that results in back patting and detracts from the actual band members, who I have no problems with. For example, doing the same halftime show against Stanford for at least 26 years wears thin and is a disservice to the fans and students in the band. I’ve frequently mentioned the reliance on 1970’s songs. I also remember when the band played after a football game for more than what seems like 20 minutes. I could go on, but I think I will stop now.

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