Answer Friday, Part II

The poll on the Lexus Gauntlet was fairly one-sided. Most of you didn’t care. Now if it were the Roman Meal Gauntlet or the Gauntlet, I might feel differently.

Q: Do you see the Bush/Lake trial getting to the point of PC actually being on the witness stand? Will he be “pumped” and “excited” about that? Just for your personal opinion, do you think any of the coaches knew what was going on? (I understand if you can’t answer that)

Do you see a Wayne Huizenga/some NFL bailout by PC coming out of this? worse case scenario?

i.e. All kinds of dirty details come out of Bush taking money and USC knew about it and the subsequent sanctions/loss of scholarships/TV bans causes Pete to jump to the NFL?

OK thanks Scott I know each person is only allowed 1 question.

A: I do not see this progressing to the point of Pete Carroll becoming a witness. I think that would tarnish Reggie Bush’s image even more to drag this out to that point. However, I think Carroll would be a very good witness for Bush because he is sharp and used to answering all kinds of questions. It would just be unseemly. I’m sure there are those who know a lot more about what happened with Bush than has been reported, but I do not know how much more they know.
Some NFL coaches tell me they think the Bush case would influence Carroll to return to the NFL but it’s still too soon to tell.

Q: I assume that Pete Carroll gives instruction/coaching to any player on the team, and that Sarkisian and Holt coach/yell at any and all Offensive and Defensive players respectively.
Given that, does say a Ken Norton Jr. have the lattitude to coach/yell at/instruct say a QB or TB or can say a Pat Ruel coach/yell at/instruct a Linebacker or DB? I assume all coaches have general knowledge of all positions, but do they primarily stick to their assigned job or do some freelance into other domains? Any examples of problems with coaches coaching “out of position” you can recount?

A: Coaches will “talk” to players on the other side of the ball but will not actually coach them. The primary reason is they don’t have enough time because they focus so much on their own problems. The biggest arguments I ever witnessed were Steve Greatwood vs. Ed Orgeron at UC Irvine, which revolved around Orgeron talking to offensive linemen, but not coaching them. There was also the Norm Chow-Lane Kiffin argument during an Orange Bowl practice, but they were on the same side of the ball.

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