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Q: The NCAA just released its “Academic Progress Report.” Where does USC stand in football and basketball? Is USC in danger of losing any scholarships? Any info is greatly appreciated.

A: As you probably already know, basketball lost two scholarships but took the hit this past year, mainly because it knew it didn’t need the scholarships this season. Now it needs O.J. Mayo and Davon Jefferson to pass six units to make sure it doesn’t take another hit next year. Football was OK and did not get penalized.

Q: Can you confirm or deny that individuals affiliated with USC paid a visit to the home of the alleged victim in the Mark Sanchez sexual assault case? If such a visit did take place, would that not constitute an NCAA violation of extra benefits?

A: I have never heard this but what individuals are you referring to? Student affairs? The athletic dept.? And what’s your context? What if the alleged victim requested a meeting with someone from the university? I’m guessing your question is more sinister in nature. It would be madness if the university did anything inappropriate because it would leave them open to a lawsuit from the alleged victim.

Q: Is Brennan Carroll’s coaching job at USC a pure product of nepotism or does the man have some coaching abilities. Can you also comment on Brennan’s role in the development of Byrd and Davis. Thanks.

A: Pete Carroll says he values Brennan Carroll’s role on the staff and promoted him to recruiting coordinator last year. If you watch the walk-on video, you can draw your own conclusions. Byrd was inconsistent although he was very talented while Davis matured over time. I think they each were responsible for their accomplishments.

Q: I saw on a recent answer session that you would not confirm that the sequel to “Mitch and Me” is called “The Electric Boogaloo,” so your loyal readers need clarification on what you meant. Did you mean that it is definitely NOT called “The Electric Boogaloo”? Or were you saying that you simply were not able to publicly confirm the name of the sequel as “The Electric Boogaloo”? Personally, I think that’s a great title for the sequel, since it shows how Mitch has adapted to urban life in LA and anything with “Electric Boogaloo” in the title is intriguing!

A: We’ve had copyright issues with “The Electric Boogaloo” so I’ll take submissions here for a new sequel title. “Mitch and Me, the sequel” is not doing much for me right now.

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