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You guys have lots of Mayo questions.

Q: When SC conducts an investigation of a prospective or current student-athlete for rules violations, what resources do they have at their disposal? Do we have investigators on staff in sports admin, or university admin? Or, does the university contract out investigations to a third party PI firm? And, I wonder if the Pac-10 has investigative resources, or is it just sports admin staff trying to dig up dirt on scumbags like the Guillorys and Lakes? Sadly, living in the limelight in LA, there seems to be one of these scumbags hiding under every rock trying to prey on young athletes . Who is scummier, a runner for a sports agent or the paparrazzi? Trying to enforce these guys is about as much of a losing proposition as the law enforcement of marijuana. I feel sorry for the naive kids and families that these guys prey on.

A: Usually it is compliance people who conduct investigations and I hear USC’s is actually shorthanded at the moment. The Pac-10 has its enforcement officers but they are much like compliance people and not private investigators. Runners are worse than paparazzi.

Q: With the OJ Mayo scandal now breaking nationally and adding to other instances where USC student-athletes, notably Reggie Bush, having taken items of value from agents while enrolled at USC, at what point do you think the term “lack of institutional control” will start being used and will it be time for Mike Garrett to be held accountable and step down? Clearly the Mayo incident is not a surprise to anyone, so should changes be expected at the top with Garrett taking responsibility and resigning for allowing so many agents to wander around Heritage Hall, USC locker rooms, practice facilities and athletic events?\

A: It is troubling when you have two major investigations. But until we reach a resolution on both cases, it’s probably hard to put the blame on someone. However, I do think it’s fair to say the person at the top bears responsibility. According to a CBS Sportsline column, Rodney Guillory claimed he was told by Mike Garrett that the sports site was investigating Guillory.

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