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Questions and answers. Questions and answers.

Q: Have you noticed that no new viewer comments have appeared on the YouTube video for Walk-ongate in several days, despite getting thousands of hits every day (over 41,000 views as of this writing)? That’s because viewer comments are now being monitored by PeteCarrollTV (Ben Malcolmson) after being submitted and he has not approved any of the comments to appear publicly on the site in several days. I wonder why he will no longer allow comments to be posted and has implemented a screening policy regarding the discussion of that one specific video but not the other videos on PeteCarrollTV……?

A: I have not gone on YouTube to check this but if that is true, I will point to what Petros Papadakis said last Saturday on his web chat: The Daily Trojan is more objective than Ben Malcomson. After all, that’s why it’s and not an objective web site.

Q: Considering that Tim Floyd was in direct contact with Rodney Guillory from before OJ Mayo’s enrollment at USC, as well as throughout his tenure on the basketball team, do you think that once the dust has settled, Floyd will still be the head coach at USC? Could he be used as the scapegoat by the athletic department administration, especially Mike Garrett, who needs to have the heat taken off himself by the other off the field issues caused by the football team?

A: Right now, I do not see USC firing anyone. But we need to see the results of the investigation. Clearly, Floyd was wrong to allow Guillory such close access to the program. But the football and basketball coaches wield enormous power at USC and unless something really egregious took place, I would not predict a coaching change. Or an administrative change.

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