Answers, Part 5

The questions seem to get longer and longer . . . and longer.

Q: Who does Floyd use as his recruiting coordinator on this staff?? Is working with runners a necessary evil in college hoops these days to field a competitive program? Is Floyd’s primary recruiting coordinator friendly with runners?

A: All of the assistant coaches do some portion of recruiting. Bob Cantu is probably the most involved with administrative duties regarding recruiting. But a “runner’ usually talks to everyone within a program, or more bluntly, whoever they feel like. I talked to a college coach the other day and he said after talking to other coaches, they agreed every lottery pick in this year’s draft has some type of runner similar to Rodney Guillory. It’s the accepted form of business in college basketball.

Q: What’s the deal with the LA Times’ Gary Klein completely ripping off everything from your blog? First there was the weekly question forum from readers that he copied. Then this week, he hijacked Walk-ongate, including a comment from one of your readers about how the video was suddenly pulled from YouTube and mentioned the Rick Neuheisel negative recruiting regarding it. What’s next, he’s going to announce his own book and multimedia extravaganza called Mitch and Me?

A: I draw the line at Mitch and Me, so war would follow at that point.

Q: What is your opinion on the USC columbine results? If Maualuga, Cushing and Mays perform similar in the NFL columbine where do you think they will be drafted?

A: Mays and Maualuga should be top 10 picks. Cushing needs a healthy season before being considered a lock as a first-round pick.

Q: With Chauncey Washington running a 4.38 at USC Pro Day for the 40, and with the times by the other offensive players who run at the USC Pro Day and the USC unoffical pro days for current players, was Washington really the fastest player on the offense last year? It did not seem like it watching them last year he was a power back, do you think if McKnight and Patterson ran they would be the fastest on the offense?

A: The 40 times on Pro Day were done electronically and the times following spring practice were hand timed. Also, remember that a 40 time does not show how fast a player is in their uniform. A player’s quickness or shiftiness is also just as important. You can be fast and not quick, which is not enough for a tailback.

Q: Hey Scott: A while back you mentioned something about Uona Kaveinga. Will he be attending USC in the fall or not? I think you mentioned something about him going on a mission was not part of the deal.

A: I’ve been told he will be arriving in the fall.