Answer Tuesday, Part 2

Q: Mitch Mustain has been described as 1) Being a more accurate passer than Sanchez; 2) Having better poise than Sanchez; 3) Being the best playmaker among all the quarterbacks. Sanchez’s only advantages appear to be better knowledge of the playbook and a stronger (but more inaccurate) arm. So if knowledge of the playbook appears to be the only reason that Sanchez got the nod in the spring, why could the coaches not have waited five or six more months until the fall to make their decision, allowing Mustain more time to grasp the playbook? If knowledge of the playbook is more important than actual talent and the ability to win games, wouldn’t that have meant Mike McDonald, with all his years in the program, should have been the starting quarterback? Do you see the flaws in the criteria for making this decision in favor of Sanchez?

A: I’ve frequently said I didn’t see a reason for the spring decision. The coaches believe it makes a significant difference to let the starter work with his teammates over the summer and establish a bond. They think Matt Leinart grew significantly after he was named the starter. It’s also true that Mark Sanchez didn’t just know the plays, it enabled him to run the plays more smoothly. Now that might not be the case by the fall, but the coaches use that reasoning now.

Q: I recently saw a guy on campus wearing a “I <3 SW shirt". Will this be on sale at soon? A: We're considering a full range of clothing a la ripsit with ``Caesar Forever'' and ``Roman Meal Forever'' sweatshirts. We might also try a ``Deny On'' t-shirt for the NCAA. Q: If all the allegations against mayo pan out to be true, what do u think the penalties should be? what additional actions, if any, do u feel should be taken by usc (such as firings, new team rules, etc.)? thnx. A: It is so risky to comment on this stuff because hardly anyone knows the full story. From the few details I know now, I don't think there will be any massive penalties. About the worst I could see is maybe forfeiting games. But that's based on today's info, not what we might know later, which could also mean the alleged evidence is not as convincing as first revealed. Whatever happens, USC will probably become more vigilant about how open it is about letting runners associate with the program. The key word is ``appear'' to be. No firings.

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