Answer Tuesday!

It’s a two-day session because the questions were just so good.

Q: When will Tim Floyd and/or Mike Garrett comment on the Rodney Guillory situation?

A: Good question. Everyone is just waiting to see where this thing goes right now.

Q: If these allegations against OJ Mayo pan out, do you know where DeRozan would be interested in going? Would he come to USC if the penalties are anything less than a postseason ban? How will this affect recruiting in the future?

A: It’s unlikely DeRozan would leave because this will probably be wrapped up in the fall or later. Future recruiting depends on the nature of the penalties.

Q: What is the price range for season tickets for football, and when you get good seats do you have to make a contribution to the school as well as pay for the tickets like fucla does? I know it is a 2 part question but shouldn’t it be considered one and the same since it is the same subject?

A: Ticket prices can be found on But the real price is determined by whether you join Cardinal and Gold, the scholarship club or the associates, etc. You must join one of these groups to get decent seats although Cardinal and Gold doesn’t even guarantee that anymore because everyone wants to be involved these days.

Q: I saw that out of 14 members on the current squad of USC song girls, there are only three girls that could be considered “cute” or “pretty,” while the other 11 are on the rather unattractive side. So is there any talk of reducing the number of squad members back to previous levels or eight or so girls like there were for many years? I truly find it very hard to believe that in a university with over 30,000 students, the members of the selection committee simply would not be able to find just eight or so pretty girls for the squad? Is it really that difficult these days? Or are attractive girls no longer trying out for or interested in the squad?

A: We’ve previously discussed this issue. The selection committee needs to be re-examined because they are not getting the job done.

Q: You said that along with Drew Radovich, there was yet another USC player who had off the field character issues that resulted in his not being drafted by the NFL. So was it Matt Spanos?

A: I’ll try to answer this question later in the week.

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