Even More Answers Friday

Nothing like an NCAA investigation to prompt basketball questions.

Q: How come the NCAA is conducting the investigation into the OJ Mayo/Rodeny Guillory relationship rather than the USC compliance office? It’s standard practice for an institution to conduct an investigation then turn over its findings to the NCAA, but not in this case? Does the NCAA not trust or have faith in the USC compliance office to do an unbiased and thorough job?

A: It is my understanding the athletic dept. is investigating the case. But I also know the NCAA and Pac-10 will be involved. This is how major violations are handled. You don’t simply trust the offending school to do the job. You need an investigation that will not be considered compromised.

Q: If you had to guess, how is the OJ Mayo debacle going to affect future recruits (ie Demar, Renardo Sidney, Jeremy Tyler, Stephenson, etc)??? Any updates on any of these 5 star guys showing interest in the next few HS classes?

A: It will not affect DeRozan, in my opinion. The underclassmen could be affected if there are sanctions but right now it really will not have an impact. The Reggie Bush case has not affected football recruiting the past two years.

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