Touchy Topic

Here’s a question that would require a book to answer.

Q: I know your job isn’t following the Bruins but I figured you had some insight into Sam Gilbert and his “involvement” with their program. Are any of his actions what you may call questionable and how does it compare to some of the individuals that seem to be circling the USC programs.

A: Thanks to covering Henry Bibby (former UCLA basketball player) for eight years and college basketball in general, there are some outlandish stories I’ve heard and that are well-known in college basketball circles about what those players received, where they lived, services provided, etc.
I don’t really know anyone in basketball (coaches, players of that era) who disputes a lot went on in that “golden” era. I know a former Pac-10 coach who said he could write a book one day on all the stuff he knows that went on, but is waiting because right now it is not considered politically correct to do so.
Those were days when a lot more stuff could happen without ESPN, etc., around to investigate.

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