Here’s the last of the unanswered questions.

Q: As you know, I am the Founding Member of The Scott Wolf Fan Club. is holding an “unofficial” family barbeque in a few weeks.
I have made it known that I will only go if you agree to attend. Perhaps we can get Petros to come also? I really want to see how many people we can piss off in one afternoon. That would be awesome!!!
What do you think? Are you in?

A: Great idea! I’ll consider it if Petros is going.

Q: A while back, you gave your opinion on who our starters would be on the OL next season, and I agree. My question is: Who do you currently see on our second string OL from tackle to tackle, and what do you think this says about our depth at the OL position?
If you have time, do you see anyone behind the second string line getting much playing time, barring injuries?

A: The o-line depth chart is pretty much a joke because people just get put at positons even though they would not go into the game next if the starter gets hurt. The backups are not set in stone but right now it’s Alex Parsons (RT), Thomas Herring (RG), Mike Reardon (C), Matt Meyer (LG) and Nick Howell (LT). Now if Jeff Byers, got hurt, I don’t think Matt Meyer is the next option. Herring would be more likely to get a chance or maybe Howell. There’s a lot of leeway here right now.

Q: With another school year behind us and the dawn of a scandal-filled summer approaching for the Trojan Family, this raises some serious questions:

1) With the USC Song Girls in the midst of a decade-long glut of hideousness, could the only real solution to bring them back to their former glory is to get our hero Mitch Mustain to be in charge of Song Girl selection, thus bringing back fairness and dignity to the proceedings?

2) Can you confirm the rumors that USC’s entire defense to the NCAA regarding recent scandals in football and basketball will simply be one sentence: “Come on, how could a university with such a heroic figure such as Mitch Mustain possibly be guilty of any infractions?”

3) Is the failure of the new Indiana Jones film due to the public’s complete disinterest in a hero other than our hero Mitch Mustain, thus clearing the way for the blockbuster that is Mitch and Me?

4) Are you able to publicly unveil Pete Carroll’s strategy of naming the “competition” (if you can even call him that, but we’re being generous this holiday weekend) the starter for now merely to throw off the upcoming opponents in their game preparation, only to unleash the ferociousness that is our hero Mitch Mustain at the last minute, thus ensuring scores of over 100 to 0?

5) Is the above strategy due to our hero Mitch Mustain’s desire that opponents not have to spend vast sums of money in advance to change their scoreboards to allow scores for scores of 100 and above, which will be anticipated with his participation, thus once again, proving that he is generous and thoughtful of others?

A:) Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes.

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