Time (Doesn’t) Heal All Wounds

This is usually a time of anticipation for a lot of USC fans looking ahead but a fan I spoke to last night could not resist looking back at what he considers two missing crystal footballs in Heritage Hall thanks to losses to Texas (2006 national title game) and UCLA (2006 regular season finale).
“How is it that we ‘own’ the Rose Bowl … yet basically gave up two crystal footballs at that stadium? Those opportunities may never come again.”

More Times

Perhaps a more meaningful time to list is the 10-yard dash for offensive linemen, since that’s all they really need to run anyways. Some pro teams ask linemen to run a 10-yard dash during their draft workouts.
So here’s how USC’s linemen did last recently.
Charles Brown 1.81
Zack Heberer 1.81
Nick Howell 1.67
Butch Lewis 1.73
Kris O’Dowd 1.75
Martin Coleman 1.88
Alex Parsons 1.73
Mike Reardon 1.70

Baseball talk

Unlike Long Beach State, Cal, San Diego, Stanford, Arizona, UCLA, Cal State Fullerton and UC Irvine, USC did not make the NCAA baseball playoffs. The Trojans are 55-57 the past two seasons.
UPDATED: We forgot Pepperdine, which makes it even worse.

20 Times

We gave you all the 40 times but isn’t a 20-yard time maybe more relevant for a sport like football? Here’s some of the fastest 20 times done after spring practice.
Taylor Mays 2.48
Ronald Johnson 2.52
Stafon Johnson 2.56
Michael Morgan 2.57
David Ausberry 2.58
Shane Horton 2.59
Damien Williams 2.59
Kevin Thomas 2.60