Answer Friday, Part 6

A couple good questions here. One on an in-depth article from 17 years ago on your favorite topic and another on a group of people who think they are entitled to hog the benefits of USC for themselves.

Q: If we offer a guy now, and by Nov. he hasn’t accepted, and is having a really bad year, are we free to withdraw the offer?

A: USC can withdraw at any time, even up to signing date. There was a controversial incident a few years ago when a linebacker committed and the offer was withdrawn near signing date. It resulted in some negative publicity.

Q: Have you considered doing an in-depth investigative article on the selection process of the Song Girls, much like Celeste Fremon did a few years back? You can expose the process, the nepotism, the self-interest, the characters involved, and ask the people in charge of the Song Girls, quite bluntly, “Do you honestly believe that the Song Girls during this past decade have been at the same level as those that came the previous three decades?
“You’re a journalist, Scott, the ball is in your court. The Celeste Fremon article raised a lot of questions when it exposed many questionable practices by those in charge of the Song Girls, including how old men could pay them to have dinner with a Song Girl, their views on physical appearances and ethnicity, and what really went into the selection of the squad. It’s been 17 years since that article so isn’t it time you wrote one in 2008, now that we are in the midst of decade-long darkness when it comes to the Song Girls?

A: Excellent point. The only problem is that I am currently Public Enemy No. 1 with the advisors and their lackeys, who are trying to supress your comments from being published. But I think a story is due on this topic especially when someone I talked to from the athletic dept. could not answer any of my questions on transparency and just tried to ignore them . . . a USC tradition.

Q: When you pejoratively refer to the ‘South Bay’ aren’t you really just referring to Manhattan Beach (and possibly Hermosa Beach)? Places like the Shade Hotel and most of the bars on Pier Ave. justifiably give the area a bad rap, but shouldn’t Redondo Beach get a little more credit as a decent place? Have some fish tacos at Riviera and you’ll be a believer too.

A: Good point. I’m referring more to a mindset of entitled, myopic people at USC who think everyone from the South Bay deserves special treatment, whether it’s the Song Girls or getting scholarships or free dinners. And yes, most of these people are 1970’s era relics.

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