Answer Friday, Part II

More answers on you know what.

Q: Have you thought about just dropping all mention of football on this blog and sticking to the only thing we all care about, the retro Song Girls and Oregon cheerleaders? Let’s be honest, after you posted the picture of the Oregon cheerleaders and the retro picture of Tricia Pillsbury, who even cares about football anymore? Give us more of what we want — beautiful cheerleaders past and present! Just no pictures of the Song Girls from the 2000s.

A: What else is there in this world after you’ve seen Tricia Pillsbury?

Q: Are you aware that the coach of the Song Girls, Lori Nelson, is not an alumna of USC and is actually a college dropout? What kind of message is that sending to the current Song Girls to have someone who is not even a college graduate heading a college organization

A: I can neither confirm nor deny this. But I know she was a song girl in the 1970’s.

Q: Have you heard anything about the Pac-10 introducing a cheerleader exchange program? Any chance that we can have a permanent exchange agreement with Oregon?

A: I think USC should appoint a special envoy to Oregon, perhaps Pete Carroll, to begin negotiations on this subject.

Q: Isn’t it hilarious how the Song Girls website is celebrating their 40th anniversary, “1968-2008,” when in fact, they started in 1967? It’s even written on their own website that they started in 1967, yet they can’t even get their official anniversary right? Who’s running this joke of an operation there? Can’t the women in charge of the Song Girls get anything right these days?

A: No, they can’t. And I’m not supposed to even question these facts, believe it or not, in the view of the athletic dept. And neither are you. I’m also supposed to refrain from posting any pictures of Oregon or UCLA cheerleaders. That’s the way they think over there.

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