Answer Friday, Part 3

We’re in full answer mode.

Q: Do the fraternities consider subjecting their pledges to a pep rally featuring the current Song Girl squad to be hazing? Has this practice been banned due to its cruel nature?

A: This question might be considered unacceptable by the athletic dept., so I will refrain from answering it.

Q: When Oregon plays SC at the Coliseum this year, do you know if they will be bringing their cheerleaders with them?

A: Yes, they will, but since the opposing team is stuck in the furthest corner of the Coliseum, you might strong binoculars in order to see them.

Q: Scott, is Demar DeRozan a definite for the basketball team? I see he’s signed a LOI but I’ve read he’s rethinking things given Mayo’s issues. What’s the word? Thanks

A: He is still coming to USC . . . if he meets the academic requirements and I’m hearing conflicting information in that regard right now.

Q: Do you think we can get Tricia Pillsbury to head up a campaign to get the two women in charge of the Song Girls fired for gross mismanagement and nepotism? Would she be interested in heading the new selection committee?

A: I think this is an excellent idea. If anyone knews her whereabouts, they can ask her about it. But this blog will support anything that involves bringing Tricia Pillsbury back to USC.

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