Answer Friday, Part 4

A question about the Ohio State-USC game looms here.

Q: What have you heard about the rumors going around that the current Song Girls will be banished from the Coliseum and replaced by images on the jumbotron of the beautiful 1970s-1990s Song Girls?

A: That would assume the jumbotron at the Coliseum works properly.

Q: Do you think Lindley Bothwell is rolling over in his grave over what the current coach and advisor of the Song Girls have done to the squad?

A: From what I hear, his wife is on the selection committee, but I would not want to speak for anyone else.

Q: Any chance of posting a picture every day of the Oregon cheerleaders?

A: I wanted to but the athletic dept. is against it.

Q: In your last set of answers you left the impression that you are not totally convinced that Mark Sanchez will be the starter this upcoming season.

I was hoping you could go into more detail about your theories about the QB situation (is Sanchez’ spot secure? Why do you think he was named the starter so early? Will they be quick to pull him if he doesn’t produce? etc.) and how you believe it will play out this season.

A: I believe Mark Sanchez is the starting quarterback but every time there is a new person playing quarterback, there is a greater chance of a replacement getting a chance. This applied to Matt Leinart and John David Booty as well.
He was named the starter because the coaches thought he was ahead of Mitch Mustain and Aaron Corp and because they believe it boosts the QB’s confidence to name them the starter. But there is still a chance for Mustain to have a big training camp and challenge for the starting spot. It’s not likely, but it’s possible.

Q: Do you think that the reason the Song Girl squad has increased to 14 girls this year is because they are trying to distract by numbers? That with the erosion of quality, it can somehow be compensated by quantity? Is this not a HORRIBLE strategy that they have employed? I mean what’s the point of going from 12 to 14 if the 12 couldn’t cut it to begin with? The glory days had about 7 or 8 members but each girl was beautiful and thin. Now we get 14 very pedestrian girls.

A: Maybe in 10 years there will be 24 on the squad, three reserves every game.

Q: Specifically, how good is Ohio St. this upcoming season? I know this is somewhat of a dumb question since they’re ALWAYS good, but I honestly haven’t heard much buzz about them as of late. Any specifics to look out for in the matchup with them the second week of the season?

A: There are two ways to view this game: Ohio State returns the bulk of its team that made the national title game with 19 starters back and on paper should probably be ranked No. 1 in the nation.
What intrigues me is they return four offensive linemen and 10 defensive starters. Those are bedrock factors for success. Not to mention tailback Chris Wells.
On the other hand, who has Ohio State really beaten? Florida and LSU disposed of them although they did give LSU a good game in the first half. And USC is playing at the Coliseum. So that’s the conflict at the moment.

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