Answers Friday, Part 5

The answers continue as we wait to see if anyone will draft Davon Jefferson?

Q: Whenever you post those great pictures of the Song Girls from the halcyon days that are long since past, could you also add some streaming audio of Bruce Springsteen’s “Glory Day” to further add to the aura and memories?

A: Maybe we can get the USC band playing it, since it’s about their era too.

Q: I feel bad for not addressing the real topic “how can Mitch Mustain return the Song Girls back to their glory”. SW, on with the real question, do you think that the memory of the Stanford game (and Hair-ball’s big mouth) are weighing heavily on PC, and that he may send a “seek & destroy message to boys on 11/15/08?

A: You can safely say that game is circled on Caesar’s calendar like no other. But he was also motivated last year when Harbaugh said he was leaving after the season and it didn’t seem to help much.

Q: Scott have you looked at the Spirt Squad? As you probably know they were created to replace the yell leaders. However, the girls on the spirt squad are much better looking than the song girls.

A: Hmmm. Good point.

Q: Do Patrick Turner and Rasheed Wallace see the same barber?

A: Maybe but they definitely have different personalities.

Q: I would take a 42 year old Tricia Pillbury over some the gals on our squad today. Any truth to the rumor that Hue Jackson is on the Song Girl selection committee?

A: Hahaha. He’s certainly had enough jobs over the years and based on his playcalling at USC, some fans wish that were his job here.

Q: What are the chances USC beats Ohio State. Also will this lose hurt USC gaining invinciblitly from the Bush and Leinart years?

A: If USC loses to Ohio State, it will not affect the invincibility. That was more damaged from the loss to Texas and perhaps even more, the loss to Stanford last season.

Q: At this year’s Homecoming, there is a Song Girls reunion, so any chance you can get an update and interview with Tricia Pillsbury, including her views on what went wrong with the Song Girls during this past decade and how they are soiling her good name and legacy?

A: Again, a worthy idea. Perhaps we can let her guest blog for a few days too.

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