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Here’s the last of the Open Forum questions.

Q: It appears from the linked USC Student Affairs organizational chart, which is publicly available, that the Song Girls are under the Student Affairs umbrella. As you have previously mentioned, the position for IM-Director is currently open. So, if I read the chart correctly, the supervisory position to that one is held by Don Ludwig, the Spirit and Traditions Executive Director, who reports to Denzil Suite, AVP of Student Affairs – With Denzil Suite’s awesome name, I am assuming that he is a good guy. Do you know if Coach Nelson is reporting to Suite or Ludwig while the IM-Rec Director position is open, do you know anything about the backgrounds of Suite or Ludwig, and do you know if they are very hands-on with the Song Girls’ system? Or, are Coach Nelson and Coordinator Gilman treated as more of an autonomous unit with little to no administrative oversight? Thanks Scott. The Song Girls are the face of USC and there simply is no more important subject to true Trojan fans right now than SG-gate! At least until fb practice starts in August.

A: I do not know Mr. Suite. From what I’ve heard Don Ludwig was not heavily involved in the selection process and his new job is less hands on and not as connected to the day-to-day activities. So I don’t see him as an influential player in all of this.
But it is an interesting flow chart and gives the readers a little better idea of Michael Jackson’s power at USC with so many people reporting to him.
Patrick Bailey is a guy to look at, especially since he is the interim recreational sports director.

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