Answer Tuesday, Part 2

The readers are speaking!

Q: Even if USC does lose to Oregon at the Coliseum this season, would it really matter knowing that we’ll all still be cheering for the great Oregon cheerleaders? Knowing that they will be gracing the sidelines of the Coliseum with their beauty and grace, doesn’t that mean we’ve already won?

A: Could be the hottest home ticket of the season.

Q: What do you know about the reasons behind why the Daily Trojan photographer who took the infamous picture of the Song Girl (and daughter of the coach) cheering for Texas in the BCS game in 2006 was fired? Some people say it was because the administration was angry at that picture getting out and perpetuating negative stereotypes about blond Song Girls, while others say that he tried to copyright and market the picture, which was in violation of the Daily Trojan’s policy that states all articles and images become the property of the newspaper.

A: I really don’t know anything about this. So if any of our readers know, maybe they can fill us in on the details.

Q: What is the possible justification that some within the athletic department have to oppose the posting of pictures of the Oregon and UCLA cheerleaders? Do they feel that USC alumni should not be exposed to beautiful cheerleaders and then demand the same for their own alma mater?

A: They feel my posting these pictures only causes you readers to comment further on this subject, which illustrates just how eager they are for all discussion of the song girls to go away. Above all, they really want no scrutiny and want the status quo to continue.

Q: What have you heard about the rumor going around that Lindsey Buckingham, the guitarist for Fleetwood Mac who wrote and sang “Tusk,” is considering filing an injunction to prevent the Trojan Marching Band from performing his song as he is offended by the image of the Song Girls from this past decade dancing and being associated with his masterpiece?

A: Everyone is a comedian.

Q: Since some people in the USC athletic department are opposed to any mention in the drop in Song Girl quality and I assume one of them is Tim Tessalone, have you thought about asking him directly if he believes the girls on the squad are at the same standard as they were from the 1970s to the 1990s, considering he is on the selection committee? I would be curious what his rationale is regarding the selection of the current and recent squads that he was directly responsible for selecting.

A: I have had discussions with him and he is comfortable with the selection process as it stands.

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