Answer Tuesday, Part 3

Is anyone still worried USC does not have enough commitments? Of course, it’s a double-edged sword for some analysts, who believe too many early commitments can be risky.

Q: After you published the one pretty song girl of the past week, Ms. Pillsbury, I had the audacity to say she was indeed pretty but that my wife was prettier. Bloggers Pete’s Illegitimate Son, DFW Trojans, and Troyjan&Tonic called me out on that one and wanted proof. I suppose you will not post personal pictures on your blog, is that correct? And if not, are the aforementioned gentlemen allowed to post their e-mail addresses on your blog so that I can show them I don’t lie?

A: Anyone can post their email on this blog. It’s actually a feature you were allowed to do when you registered for this site. If those guys want to post their emails, fine. Why don’t you just post yours instead to save them the trouble, provided it is not in a pompous all-caps format.

Q: Just as UCLA banned the Song Girls from performing at Pauley Pavilion, is there any truth to the rumor that the USC athletic department will ban the Oregon cheerleaders from performing at the game in the Coliseum this year, so as not to embarrass and make the the Song Girls jealous with such beautiful, physically toned and intimidating cheerleaders?

A: I wouldn’t put it past the athletic dept. at this point considering how the level of paranoia is increasing regarding this topic.

Q: Many schools have alumni bands that play when the actual band is away on semester breaks, so any chance we can get a Song Girls alumnae squad to perform permanently at all events in place of the current squad, so long as there is not a single member from the 2000s? Do you think we can get Tricia Pillsbury to be the captain?

A: Interesting point. One reader believes they located her, so maybe we’ll have to ask and find out.

Q: First off, I’m glad this blog doesn’t censor opinions just because the athletic dept. just want to protect a seemingly very corrupt program.

My question now is, has the athletic dept. actually threatened you now to take back your access due to the expose that has been happening regarding the unattractiveness of the Song Girls? Who exactly is threatening you to stop readers from posting anything negative and truthful about the unattractive Song Girls? It seems as though the athletic dept. is very much aware of the corruption that’s been going on with the Song Girls and very much want this topic to disappear which makes me that much mroe suspicious. Chances are, the corruption is probably even worse that how it seems considering the high level damage control the athletic dept. seem to be employing right now.

A: I don’t want to say exactly who I’ve spoken to because of the sensitive nature of the topic but let’s just say the point was made to me about the unhappiness over the readers’ opinions.

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