Answer Monday, Part 5

Finally, a Mitch Mustain question!

Q: In the history of this blog, how would you rank the Song Girl controversy in terms of interest, public outcry, and emotional passion? I have seem nothing on this blog that has struck so much discord, anger, and ridicule quite like the unattractiveness of the Song Girls. Has your blog traffic significantly increased due to passionate feelings of everyone who may or may not agree about how the Song Girl program has been plagued with nepotism and corruption? And it is even more bewildering how the athletic dept. wants this topic shutdown and for all readers to just shut themselves up. Are the problematic issues raised here on this blog so true and so apparent that the athletic dept. simply will not be able to refute these accusations? Is their guilt over corruption and nepotism so undeniable that they aren’t even able to come up with anything to cover up the problems which is why they are so scared, nervous, and paranoid?

A: I’m starting to believe this topic is going to become the all-time biggest issue because it seems to have struck a chord with the readers and that is precisely why it bothers some in the athletic dept. They don’t want an outlet for fans to express their frustration. Mitch Mustain has always been the No. 1 topic but it looks like the song girls are about to eclipse it

Q: Barring a Mark Sanchez injury or eligibility issue, what is the most feasible scenario you can envision whereby Mitch Mustain would start the Virginia game at QB? Is it possible there could be Sam Keller/ASU situation whereby Mustain could play the transfer card to force the coaching staff to play him?

A: There is the chance Sanchez would struggle in training camp and Mustain improved a lot from spring practice, although the coaches would be averse to making a change in the depth chart. But that would be it. Mustain would need to be near flawless and Sanchez would need to struggle. I really think if Mustain starts, it would happen more between Games 3-5.

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