Here’s the leftover questions from the Open Forum that needed to be answered.

Q: Was Cindy McCain really a USC Song Girl? I had never heard that until today, so is there any confirmation about this? If she really was a Song Girl during the glory days (I assume she would have been on the squad sometime between 1973-1975 if she graduated in 1976), do we know if she is also upset with what has happened to the squad during this decade?

A: Apparently, she was never a song girl, so it’s all a moot point.

Q: how do you think the people nationwide perceive USC football—–like, are we hated, admired, what are some of the adjectives that most come to mind, when the average college football fan thinks of USC, and, is our tradition well known?

A: USC is envied and admired nationally because of its success. More people are aware of USC because of its tradition and the last six years have made this one of the most glamorous programs. When’s USC played back east or in the south, the fans have always had respect for the program, whether they base it on the past or the current era. That said, more people also like to see one of the top dogs get knocked off. In the Pac-10, even when USC wasn’t great, schools like beating the Trojans because of their years of dominance, so it always meant more to beat USC.

Q: Just a quick hitter before I forget. An official in the USC Athletic Department hinted that the popular TROJAN REWIND show on PT/FSW has been cancelled for 2008. The alternative camera angles and the on-field sound made it must-see TV during the season. Scotty, can you investigate and provide details?

A: Fox canceled it and it’s hard to see what original content they will actually provide with the decision to also cancel Pete Carroll’s press conference. But they also have fewer reporters at the moment because we hear Christine Nubla left to go back to the Bay Area. So maybe they will just replay Best Damn Sports Show five times a day.

Q: Is Arbo out of a job with the reduction the Trojan show? Hoffarth will be happy.

A: He isn’t out of a job, or at least the part-time job USC provides, because his contract runs until the spring. But there won’t be anymore daily “radio” show, just interviews, etc., that people can find at any time.

Q: Are Will Harris and Josh Pinkard expected to be at full speed for the start of the season despite their multiple knee surgeries? If not, don’t we seem dangerously thin at safety?

A: Pinkard should be close to 100 percent although training camp will be the true test. Harris should also be fine. Marshall Jones is a year older and should be ready as a backup. USC also adds Drew McAllister at safety, in case it needs depth. Shane Horton will also be around for practice but has to sit out after transferring from UNLV.