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We finally got to every question in the Open Forum.

Q: Are you surprised that Song Girlgate has now become a national story and keeps getting even bigger each week? With both Sports Illustrated and ESPN having gotten in on the issue, where else is there to go? Is there any end in sight?

A: Yes, I am surprised. I’m letting the readers decide how far this will this go. I’ve previously said the selection process should be transparent, so maybe that’s a goal. But as long as the readers want to talk about it, I’m not going to supress comments. I told this to the athletic dept. and they were unsatisfied with the answer.

Q: Do you know Lindsay Soto? What is she like? What does she think about being a surprise 2nd behind Erin Andrews in PB’s hottest sportscaster list?

A: Yes, I know. She’s worked for Fox for many years although I’m told she is now a free-lancer so she can work for other TV channels too. She’s always done a good job at USC and recently hosted the Tim Floyd-Pete Carroll booster tour, probably because she is a USC gradudate. I’m sure she was flattered to finish second.

Q: What non-BCS teams have a shot at making a BCS Bowl this year ala Hawaii in 07-08 and Boise St. in 06-07?
What major conference teams will make a surprise showing this year, like Kansas did last year?
Which major team in the pre-season Top 10 has the best chance of surprisingly sustaining 2-3 losses?

A: I don’t really think any non-BCS team will but if I had to pick one, I would probably say South Florida.
It’s tough to say any team will rise like Kansas did a year ago and make it to a BCS Bowl. Teams like Clemson and Texas Tech could surprise, but even if they did, they are not as unheralded as Kansas was a year ago. It would take someone like Wake Forest to make a BCS bowl, which is unlikely.
USC is a major team that could sustain 2-3 losses. But so could Ohio State and so could Georgia, because it plays in the SEC.

Q: I ran into Coach Norton at a local eatery a couple of months ago and he said that the competition between Luther Brown and Kaluka Maiava for the starting weakside LB position would be closer than what most pundits would think. Have you heard anything going in to camp and what is your opinion?

A: Luthur Brown had a good spring and got a lot of reps because Maiava was hurt. So there is not a lot between them. But that’s the case of a lot of positions at USC. Norton’s remarks are also part coachspeak because Pete Carroll always talks about competition, even when there isn’t any. I wish I had a dime for every time he said Anthony McCoy was going to play as a freshman.
The bigger question for Brown is staying healthy. He’s always battled injuries. I think Maiava will start but Brown will play. Brown’s also going to need to back up Rey Maualuga with Chris Galippo sidelined following back surgery.

Q: You have stated in the past that USC does nothing without looking that the money angle, does this explain why Pete Arbogast continues to be the football play by play man and not a competent announcer. By this I mean, does Arbo work cheap ?

A: I’ve heard in the past the radio play-by-play job only pays about $30,000 a year, so obviously whoever does it needs to have more than one job.

Q: Scott, in your own mind, who should be favored in the Trojan-Buckeye game?

A: USC. Ohio State has a lot of players returning but USC’s at home and the Buckeyes are not exactly overwhelming against quality opponents. Of course, this is a preseason prediction.

Q: What ever happened to former usc lineman ennis davis? i know he was drafted by the saints in the 7th round draft years ago.

A: I ran into Ennis last year and I think he has an insurance office in Newport Beach. He was doing really well.

Q: What’s the history behind this chant they apparently do for recruits?

A: I’m going to pass this week on this question because I simply don’t have the stomach for another video courtesy of youtube, ripsit or the blogger-who-only-knows-how-to-link items.

Q: How do you see the D-line panning out next year? With Fili and kyle moore gone, do you see an Averill Spicer/Fangupo/Griffen/Perry line? Or Spicer/tupou/griffen/perry? Some rotation? Maybe a 3-4 with Griffen/spicer/perry–Smith/Galippo/Brown/Morgan? Derrick Simmons?

A: Griffen, Spicer and Tupou should be vital to 2009. Fangupo is just a projection at this point and it’s hard for a JC guy to immediately come in and play. Perry isn’t here yet, so let’s wait and see what happens. Jurrell Casey should also be in the competition. There will be a lot of rotating, most likely, and that open defensive end spot will be up for grabs with a lot of second-year players like Perry and Wes Horton and Malik Jackson in the mix.