Answers, Continued

Some Song Girl comments here.

Q: The next time a Trojan football player gets arrested — which, let’s be perfectly honest here, we all know is inevitably going to happen again sometime soon, the only question is which player? — won’t those employees of the athletic department who are opposed to any Song Girl discussion actually wish at that point that the topic of conversation would revert back to the Song Girls rather than the criminal activities of the football team?

A: Or the next NCAA investigation.

Q: After reading the very scathing article by Celeste Fremon on the selection process for the USC Song Girls, is it not rather appropriate that Ms Fremon has now dedicated her life full-time to uncovering injustice in Los Angeles?

A: I agree. I think she is interested in anything you may have to say about the song girls, by the way.

Q: If the tryouts for the Song Girls were opened up to the public like the ones for the UCLA Dance Team, don’t you think that both the IM-Rec and athletic departments would be all for it as they would also be able to sell food and drinks, other concessions, and have even a margarita stand on site? They could move the tryouts to the Galen Center and it seems like they could actually make money off a public Song Girl tryout process and also get some media coverage, too.

A: Yeah, and also have the glare of the public spotlight on them, which means they would be held accountable. Somehow I get the feeling that is the last thing they want. But that should be the goal here.

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