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The Ohio State game in two years from now interests a reader. And check out the last answer.

Q: I saw that you posted you think USC should be favored vs. Ohio st. this year. Let’s move ahead to 2009…in Columbus with cushing rey rey and Maiava gone, not to mention jeff byers kyle moore and fili moala and patrick turner (not that he has ever really done anything) also..could you see this as the first lopsided loss of PC’s USC career? Would he be “pumped” and “excited” the week after that?

A: The skill positions and o-line will be very experienced in two years. The defense will need to replace both safeties additionally. Still, I don’t see a blowout because it’s a remarkable aspect of Pete Carroll’s career – one loss in seven years by more than 10 points. He might be pumped. But will Pete Carroll be around in 2009?

Q: You suggested a while back that Petros Papadakis should join the selection committee of the Song Girls in order to shake things up, but aren’t products of Peninsula High School as much a part of the root problem as anything?

A: There’s definite unproportional amount of Peninsula grads on the song girls. But Petros, who looks and pretends he is from San Pedro, is not liked by those in charge of the song girls, so he would shake things up at least.

Q: When Paul Hackett was fired as the head football coach of USC in 2000, it capped an entire decade of futility but it also left a great void for one of USC’s institutions to underperform and embarrass the rest of the university, while every other department throughout USC was soaring to new heights. As a result of Hackett’s firing and the return of the USC football team to prominence, do you think the two women in charge of the Song Girls felt it was their duty at the time to make sure that the institution they had control over should then become the one weak link at the university throughout this decade — just living off past reputation and prestige, representing the USC Song Girls in nothing but name only — so they made sure to drive the squad into the ground and embarrass the Trojan Family in the process?

A: I don’t know but I’d like the Pete Carroll of advisors to be brought in to run things.

Q: You now the program at USC and how it is run. Do you know of a better one that they could emulate to build a stronger program with greater success?

A: I wouldn’t emulate anyone, I’d just make sure things are run the way they were in 2003-2004. But then the cast of characters is changed, so what can you do? Right?

Q: The Sports Information office has pictures of all past USC athletes and former Song Girls. I take it that they will refuse to hand over even one of the many pictures they have of the great Tricia Pillsbury to be posted on this blog?

A: I believe the direct quote was, “I wouldn’t give them to you even I knew where it was” in regard to a specific request for a photo for the readers.

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