Answer Monday

A belated version.

Q; Any news on the all-home-unis front for the USC/UCLA game?

A: I hear there’s been some talks but things slowed down a bit because recruiting took over and I think Pete Carroll and Rick Neuheisel need to talk more about it.

Q: l Patrick Turner be drafted by the NFL? If so, what round do you predict? 4th? 5th? UFA?

A He is projected fourth to seventh round right now because a lot depends on this season.

Q: PC during media day made reference to Joe McKnight adding 20 pounds, to become stronger TB. Does Sark and PC’s game plan call for more of Joe at the TB spot, or does Sark and PC envision Joe more of a Percy Harvin type of offensive weapon? Do you think that we will see during the season Joe at a wing/slot line up, with either Stafon or C.J. on the field at the same time? Fight On!

A: I think they envision McKnight as an all over the field guy like Reggie Bush. If he doesnt fumble early in the season, he might be considered more of a true tailback.

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