Answer Monday, Part II

Q: Scott, are you familiar with this new A-11 offense?

“The base offense is one in which a center and two tight ends surround the football, three receivers are split right, three more split left and two quarterbacks stand behind in a shotgun, one of whom has to be at least 7 yards behind the line of scrimmage… Yes, per the rules of the game, only five players are eligible to catch a pass during a particular play and seven players have to set up on the line of scrimmage. But in the minds of Bryan and Humphries [Piedmont (Calif.) High School football coaches], you can develop an infinite number of plays with an infinite number of formations.”

Might be an interesting way to use both Mark and Mitch in at the same time.

There’s also a story about it on rivals;

A: Its an interesting concept but I dont see a college using it this soon. Especially a school like USC. But who knows, maybe its the next spread option.

Q: SW, aren’t you happy the football season is about to start? Because I know i am and honestly i am tired of people asking questions about some cheerleaders. Aren’t you tired of answering questions about the song girls?

A: I just work here. And answer questions.

Q: Can Jill Painter be the new USC beat reporter and blogger?

A: She could, but neither one of us would want to make you happy.

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